What do I need to bring? (just suggestions!)

o Tons of Sale merchandise!

o Fixtures: tables, rolling racks, chairs, shelves, etc. (you can also rent tables/chairs on your app)

o Decor Items to give your booth personality: rug, flowers, tablecloth, lighting/lamps**

o Carts or Dollies: we will have some (6+) avail. but may want to bring your own

o Signage: banner (retractable pop-up banners work great) or sign/easel, sandwich board

o Dressing Room: curtain/screen or "pop up" dressing room, if desired (order online, search “pop up” or “portable dressing room”—$30-$50)

o Mirrors: full length, tabletop, etc.

o Tools needed for your setup: screwdriver, tape measure, wrench, zip ties, etc.

o Extension Cord: extension cord, multi-outlet cord**

o Hangers: extra hangers, hanger racks

o Organizing Bins/Tubs

o Tape: painters/masking, duct

o Supplies: markers, pens, clips, scissors, stapler, rubber bands, zip ties, etc.

o Tags: addt’l price tags, tagging gun

o Paper Towels, Cleaner

o $ Storage: $ drawer, lockbox, cash register; money pouch/pocket apron for quick change

o Credit Card Reader (ie: Square or Paypal) if you want to accept credit cards

o Sign stating “Credit card or Venmo accepted” or “Cash Only”

o Sign with Venmo Scan Code

o Chargers for laptop & phone**

o Portable Charger/Power Pack

o Calculator

o CASH: plenty of cash for “change” (most banks will be closed on the weekend)

o Bags: no need to use your good ones! (grab generic bags at Ofc Depot, Amazon)

o Business Card or Flier with store location info. for new customers

o Coupon for regular price purchase in store

o Email List Sign-Up Sheet

o Snacks: bottled water, snacks, lunch

o First Aid: aspirin, band-aids, Tums, etc.

o UNPAID FEES: check/cash for any remaining unpaid/added items (ie: chairs, tables, etc)

** if your purchased an elec. outlet on your app