"Le Garage is something that I am so grateful for as a small business. We have so much dead stock at the end of each a season, Le Garage allows us to turn it into cash! We are also exposed to SO many new customers that have never heard of us. The only complaint I have is that it only occurs twice a year :) "

  • Claire Fields
  • Beehive
  • Austin, TX; Ft. Worth, TX; Little Rock, AR

"Le Garage has been a staple in the Austin area for end of season deals for as long as I can remember! If you are a die hard shopper, you cannot miss this event. Since opening RedBird Boutique in 2013, Le Garage has become an important part of our end of season transition. We look forward to participating because it is great for our business, and super FUN!"

  • Maureen Staloch
  • RedBird
  • Austin, TX

"Le Garage Sale is an event I look forward to every season, both as a vendor and a customer! It is such a wonderful way to bring the Austin retail community together under one roof and shop til you drop! I love meeting so many new customers and introducing them to the brand and chatting with other shop owners. Le Garage Sale is an awesome event!"

  • Jessica Conaway
  • Dylan Wylde
  • Austin, TX

"We are so fortunate to have Le Garage Sale in Austin! It is a fantastic opportunity to move inventory from the previous season while meeting new customers and interacting with other local store owners. Le Garage Sale supports Austin area boutiques and helps them thrive by creating a fun environment where they can all come together under one roof for a successful end of season sale!"

  • Tessie Watson
  • Longhorn Fashions
  • Austin, TX

"We love Le Garage Sale and look forward to it every time! Before I opened my boutique here, it was a great way for me to connect with my Austin clients. And now we go back for the great energy that the shoppers and other vendors bring to the event. Jam packed, fun filled shopping extravaganza with unique and local finds at great prices!"

  • Wendy Vaughn
  • Bird
  • Austin, TX

"We have participated in Le Garage Sale for so many years and would never miss this fantastic opportunity to move tons of great merchandise....our customers have so much fun shopping, socializing, and sometimes sipping a cocktail while getting the best bargains ever! This event is so well advertised and folks line up to be a part of it...move in and move out is a breeze and the organizers do everything they can to make the experience incredible for vendors and shoppers...we love Le Garage Sale...gets better every year!!"

  • Perri Beathard
  • PerriBerri
  • Austin, TX

"Le Garage is a great way to get rid of excess product! Well organized, well attended and easy to shop. I sell there every year!"

  • Leigh Navarro
  • Leighelena Jewelry
  • Austin & San Antonio, TX

"Le Garage Sale is always a pleasure to do! The LGS team is professional and quick, making the chore of getting rid of excess inventory as painless as possible."

  • Coral Smith
  • SoLa
  • Austin, TX

"We enjoy doing Le Garage because it gives a place we can give the public some awesome deals and also move some extra merchandise. We meet new customers and get our name out there. It's fun to talk with other merchants and see what else is out there. I grew up doing fairs with my parents and it's a blast to connect with people in such a fast paced environment. It's what I love about being a merchant."

  • Maya Krauss
  • Maya Star & Co-Star
  • Austin, TX

“Le Garage Sale is unique because it is an event solely dedicated to shopping. It is a great way to get your local business noticed by the right kinds of customers who just might become lasting customers for life.”

  • Joanna Wilkinson
  • Once Bitten
  • Austin, TX

"We are long time participants and supporters of Le Garage Sale and always look forward to it come January and August. It is the perfect way for local boutiques to clear out last season's merchandise to make room for new inventory. And it's an incredible opportunity for shoppers to score some amazing deals. At the end of the show, vendors are able to donate items which benefit local charitable organizations. So, basically it's a win-win-win!"

  • Lisa & Wendy
  • Embellish Nails & Boutique
  • Austin, TX

"Such a great event! Not only a fun & terrfic group of people to work with, but the customers come ready to shop, and the event provides access and awareness to a new set of customers that we normally would not be able to reach with our traditional marketing efforts."

  • Stephanie Crooks
  • Alpine Cowboy
  • Austin, TX

"Le Garage has always been a wonderful experience for us. It is such a great way for local businesses to cover costs and a great deal for Austinites alike.

We participate in Le Garage because it is a great way for us to get our name out there(Le Garage is so well attended) and sell last season's pieces at a reasonable price."

  • Anne Rutt
  • Limbo Jewelry
  • Austin, TX

"We are always glad to have the Le Garage Sale customers shop our end of season merchandise. It helps us move forward with new product."

  • Kelly Leinneweber
  • Trends & Traditions
  • San Marcos, TX

“Participating in Le Garage was fantastic for us! The sale was extremely well organized and easy to participate in. As first timers in the sale last year, we received great exposure for our brand and gained many new clients, not to mention we sold a lot of merchandise. We had so much fun doing the sale, we can’t wait to do it again!”

  • Nicole Teague
  • Ride Indoor Cycling
  • Austin, TX